The First Visit (about 1 hour)

At your first visit you will review your health history with Dr. Morgan, and she will perform a physical exam to establish a baseline for your current state of health. As a part of the physical exam she will determine if your posture is showing the presence of the Atlas misalignment by looking at your hip position, leg length inequality, and head and shoulder tilt. When the Atlas misalignment is present any or all of these posture changes can occur. The final step for the first visit will be to take three different x-ray views. Dr. Morgan will analyze these and present them to you at your second visit. The analysis from these x-rays is what makes the NUCCA adjustment specific.

The Second Visit (about 1 hour)

At your second visit, Dr. Morgan will review your x-rays with you and explain your specific misalignment. You will then receive your first specific atlas adjustment, which is based off of the calculations from your x-rays. Post adjustment, Dr. Morgan will repeat the posture exam performed at your first visit and retake x-rays. You will then be asked to rest for a short period in order for the adjustment to take hold. While you are resting Dr. Morgan will analyze the x-rays to determine the efficacy of the correction. You should see immediate changes in your posture and on the post x-rays.

Follow-up Visits (about 15 minutes)

Once your atlas misalignment has been corrected it is important to hold that correction. Most patients are checked weekly for a period of 4-6 weeks to make sure that the correction is holding. When you are holding you are healing. The longer you hold your adjustment the more healing that happens. Once Dr. Morgan has determined that you are able to hold your correction your visits will be moved further and further apart so that you can get out there and enjoy life!

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