You will review your health history with Dr. Morgan, and she will perform a physical exam to establish your current state of health. Next, Dr. Morgan will take x-rays of your neck to determine the extent of your misalignment.

The Second Visit (40 minutes)

Dr. Morgan will review your x-ray findings with you. She will then perform a posture exam, and you will receive your first adjustment.

The Third Visit (20 minutes)

Dr. Morgan will perform the posture exam to determine if you have maintained your correction. If not, you will receive an adjustment. If you have maintained your correction, Dr. Morgan will take a post set of x-rays to determine the amount of correction that was achieved.

Follow-up Visits (20 minutes)

Once your misalignment has been corrected, it is important to maintain that correction. Therefore, weekly appointments are recommended for a period of six weeks. At these visits you will have a posture check, adjustment, and/or x-rays. As you maintain your correction the frequency of visits will decrease.

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