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Partnership Park Chiropractic is located at 401 S. Mechanic St. in downtown Jackson. It is owned and operated by Dr. Annie Morgan. Dr. Morgan has been in practice for over four years. She practices two specific and gentle chiropractic techniques: NUCCA, an upper cervical technique, and Torque Release Technique, a nonlinear analysis method. As the only upper cervical chiropractor in Jackson County, Dr. Morgan offers a unique chiropractic service to the Jackson community.

At Partnership Park Chiropractic our mission is to serve our community through gentle and specific patient-centered chiropractic care in order to create happy and healthy community members that are able to contribute to our community.

Anyone looking to better their health is welcome at Partnership Park Chiropractic. We believe health is a partnership between the patient and their doctor. We want you to play an active role in your health.

Partnership Park Chiropractic is a fee-for-service practice. This allows the practice to be dedicated to patient-centered care instead of allowing the patient’s health to be controlled by third parties, like insurance companies, who do not have long-term relationships with our patients. Fees will be collected at the time of service.

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